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The Slovenian Tourist Board and the Golden Drum invite you to join the traditional competition for the best and most creative poster on the topic:


The goal of the competition is to raise awareness of Slovenia as a green, active, and healthy destination for unique experiences by telling stories of individuals. Visitors to Slovenia experience clean waters (rivers, lakes, the sea, water sources, hot springs, health resorts), which is one of the competitive advantages of Slovenian tourism. In accordance with the policy of the Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been actively promoting a sustainable attitude towards the environment and sustainable tourism.

The vision of Slovenian tourism consists of multiple strong and market-oriented key elements, which support the story of the sustainable commitment:

Slovenia is a green boutique country.

  • Focus on a Slovenian green experience in all phases of a consumer’s trip.
  • High-quality experiences for visitors.
  • The sense of its boutique character when holidaying in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a global destination.

  • Globally recognisable tourism and experiences.
  • A high value of the marketing brand – national and tourist.

Slovenia is suitable for visits by high-end visitors.

  • Tourists with refined taste – recognise the uniqueness of experiences – green, active, healthy.
  • High-end guests who seek diverse and satisfying experiences, different from mass tourism and non-sustainable concepts.

Slovenia is suitable for visitors seeking diverse and active experiences.

  • Diverse experiences: from passive relaxation, laid-back exploration, and sightseeing to active holidays, adrenaline-filled challenges, and going beyond one’s comfort zone.

Slovenia is suitable for visitors seeking peace.

  • The feeling of inner peace and a revived holiday satisfaction.
  • An emphasis on a peaceful environment – breath-taking views, backdrops, unspoilt nature and beautiful cultural features, mountain peaks, lakes, rivers, the coast, etc.
  • An emphasis on a safe environment.

Slovenia is suitable for visitors seeking personal benefits.

  • By spending holidays in Slovenia, visitors feel that they experience benefits at a personal level: satisfaction, fulfilment, self-realisation, inspiration, relaxation, wellness, learning, and new realisations.

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