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By entering the Golden Drum Competition you are competing for the following awards:

All registered entries shall be reviewed and judged by one of two international Juries, comprised especially for the What and the Why section. 

  • Shortlist
  • Silver Drum
  • Golden Drum
  • Grand Prix
  • The Best of Good
  • The Best of Genius Loci
  • The Best of What (chosen among Grand Prix winners in Section What)
  • The Best of Why (chosen among Grand Prix, The Best of Good and The Best of Genius Loci winners in Section Why)
  • the Golden Rose for the agency that collects the most points 
  • the Golden Net for the most successful advertising network on the basis of the points of all agencies that comprise the network in question 
  • the Golden Dragon Award for the most successful independent advertising agency that collects the most points 
  • the Brand Grand Prix for the advertised brand that collects the most points
  • and the Golden Watch awarded to the Creative Director of the Campaign of the Year that collects the most points for the campaign and the individual entries of the same campaign in all categories
  • Special Golden Drum Adriatic award shall be presented on the basis of the Festival’s points system for the most successful entries from the following Adriatic Region countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Based on collected points from both the What section and the Why section.

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