Graphische and Golden Drum for Young Drummers


In the summer of 2020, Golden Drum Festival teamed up with the “Graphische”, the leading institution for education in the fields of printing and media technology, photography, multimedia, and graphic and communication design in Austria, to create a unique opportunity for their Masterclass students by organizing a learning experience through a competition for the best creative concept targeting Young Drummers.


Masterclass Students 

Twelve teams, altogether 27 students, have spent from October 2020 to February 2021, around 5.000 hours working on their creative solutions. Due to not one, but two lockdowns in Austria, ¾ of students were home schooling at that time. Briefing, presentations and winner’s announcement were all done by video calls.




Golden Drum wanted to position itself as a go-to creative platform for young creatives called Young Drummers. In order to achieve that goal, the Young Drummers Section at Golden Drum needed to reinvent itself and occupy a new, more important role. The key message of the brief was: be bold, be unique, have no boundaries!


Creative Strategy

Masterclass students were divided into teams of 2-3 people. With young creatives and students as target audience in mind, the students from Graphische had a task to research creative festivals, their positioning and image design. The teams needed to find insight, define core message and choose the right creative strategy. They had to create concept and idea for Young Drummers by producing layouts, moods for audio & video concept, design concept (indoor and outdoor), activation of digital content for web, newsletter and social, app, DOOH. Moreover, they had to explore classic communication like print, poster, OOH and think of B2B activation for partners and sponsors.

Evaluation Criteria

Goran Golik and Giovanni Corsaro, professors at Graphische together with the Golden Drum team were looking for unique and creative solutions. The concept of the visual & graphic design needed to be clearly understandable and relevant to target audience. Furthermore, it needed to be feasible and suitable for implementation. 


Shortlisted Teams

1. Wendtlandt, Prinz, Flamme
2. Sprajc, Grimm, Drechsler
3. Perend, Hundsbichler
4. Zimmermann, Lombardi, Hirt
5. Peinhopf, Schlee

Winning Team & Solution

Starting with 12 great communication concepts, the professors and Golden Drum team carefully selected 5 shortlisted teams. From those they decided on 3 outstanding Ideas and announced 1 Wining Team - Drechsler Mariella, Grimm Lisa and Sprajc Yann


The idea behind the winning solution was to provide an interactive, creative and fresh online experience, that captures the closeness, friendship spirit and relaxed atmosphere of Golden Drum. By creating a virtual counterpart of the venue, they found a way to bring beautiful Portoroz to our living rooms. 

They have designed a Sub-Logo for the Young Drummers Community. It was based on the Golden Drum logo but slightly modified to resemble a meeting point as well as clickable button in the digital world. 

Their design to promote the festival was based on three layers. The upper layer was the text, with a see-through effect to a photograph of the real-world. The torn pieces reveal the digital world and offer a glimpse beyond. 


Meet the Winning Team





Meet the Professors

Goran Golik, professor at Graphische: “I am extremely happy about the collaboration with the Golden Drum Festival and the ideas and creative solutions from our students, in brand building, communication concepts and design for Golden Drum - Young Drummers. Communication and advertising must always look for new creative and intelligent solutions, ways and channels to generate attention and involvement. And that is exactly what our students succeeded in doing in this competition. Especially the winning team (Lisa Grimm, Mariella Drechsler, Yann Sprajc), with the ingenious idea of gamification of the Young Drummers (Online) Festival with an entertaining and smart visual and concept idea, the fusion of the digital and analog world in a new setting.” 





Giovanni Corsaro, professor at Graphische: “Golden Drum and the “Graphische” have been maintaining a very good relationship for many years and with our student we are regular festival visitors in Portorož. We share not only a common passion for exceptional creative communication, design and knowledge transfer, but also internationality and diversity.  This is also reflected in the backgrounds, works and approaches of our students and professors. Co-creating the identity for Young Drummers, as an international platform for Young Creatives, was a great opportunity for all of us to experiment, and for design students themselves to develop something for design students as a target group. Not an easy task. But exactly such projects are fun and fun is one of the main drivers in our job.”






About Graphische

The “Graphische” was founded in Vienna in 1888 and is today the leading institution for education in the fields of printing and media technology, photography, multimedia, and graphic and communication design. A key feature of the comprehensive education is a strong focus on hands-on projects and close collaboration with experts from the creative industry, companies and organizations that promote creativity. The current collaboration with the Golden Drum Festival (Young Drummers) and the students of the Master School of Communication Design is further proof of the extraordinary skills and creativity of our students and the practice-oriented education. Graphische graduates are sought-after experts, collaborators, creatives and sustainable thinkers far beyond the borders of Austria, who are not only successful in numerous creative festivals with their ideas and knowledge, but also advance companies, organizations and society. 

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