Entry code: 1301019GD22
Agency: proof., Sofia
Advertiser / client: Klear
Competition: A. INDUSTRY CRAFT (Brand Communication & Design, Outdoor, Print & Publishing, Package Design), Art Direction 

Creative idea

This is Klear. A Bulgarian peer-to-peer financing platform that wants to position itself as the fairplayer in Balkan financial services. And this is Fairtown. A utopian village where citizens finance each-other's ventures and profit from it. Fairtown was a nordic village exemplifying the jolly and harmonious living of a community that has only known a peer-to-peer financial system. And Explaining its mechanics in the process. Fairtown came to life in four videos each either following a chain of investments from its citizens. The Key visuals aimed to catch Fartownians in the exact moment when someone tells them of the faulty financial system that the rest of the world uses.

Brand name: Klear
Advertiser / client: Klear
Product / service: Bulgarian peer-to-peer financing platform
Campaign name: fairtown
Agency: proof., Sofia
Production company: Push Pull Production
Web address:
Creative director: Angel Iskrev
Art director: Emanuela Belovarski
Copywriter: Boyan Zlatarski
Designer: Boyana Aleksieva
Account director (agency): Juliana Tsvetkova
Client account director: Sava Ahmakov
Director: Angel Apostolski


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