Entry code: 0904018GD22
Agency: proof., Sofia
Advertiser / client: Four Paws
Group: C. ENGAGEMENT, Public & Community Relations

Creative idea

fireworks are a new year’s tradition which is beautiful to us, but terrifying to pets, as well as feral and wild animals, causing them to react in panic, sometimes getting injured, lost, or worse. people don't see the problem because they look up at the fireworks, not down where it happens. we visualized the bright clouds as a monster looming over the city. the sparks and smoke are a scary enough place to begin, but a harder look at the image reveals the monster hidden within them. this is contrasted by a helpless dog, hunched over in the dark where most people wouldn’t normally see it.

Brand name: Four Paws
Advertiser / client: Four Paws
Product / service: global animal welfare organization
Campaign name: sound OFF
Agency: proof., Sofia
Production company: Push Pull Production
Web address:
Creative director: Angel Iskrev
Art director: Emanuela Belovarski
Copywriter: Asya Maradzhiyska
Designer: Andriana Petkova
Account director (agency): Sanya Stefanova
Strategic planner / strategist: Mira Panova
Director: Angel Apostolski
Additional company: account executive: Ivana Valcheva junior copywriter: Krista Yankova junior strategist: Ioana Tacă motion graphic: vess blackstone & Viktor Hadzhiyski honorary mention: Boyana Aleksieva


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