day out

Entry code: 0304001GD22
Agency: proof., Sofia
Advertiser / client: Mall Plovdiv
Group: C. OUT OF HOME (OOH), Sport & Fashion

Creative idea

people inadvertently changed the way they shop—a mall is not the first place that pops up when they think about shopping. when everyone forgot how to go to the mall, we brought the mall to them. we took the mannequins out for a stroll in the first days of Spring to show off new collections. the mannequins were placed in the central part of the city in front of the same stores that Mall Plovdiv has as tenants. each mannequin held the key to discounts in the form of a QR code, catching people exactly where a mall wants them - on their way to buy clothes.

Brand name: Mall Plovdiv
Advertiser / client: Mall Plovdiv
Product / service: is the first mall in Plovdiv
Campaign name: day out
Agency: proof., Sofia
Creative director: Angel Iskrev
Art director: Emanuela Belovarski
Copywriter: Asya Maradzhiyska
Designer: Boyana Aleksieva
Account director (agency): Sanya Stefanova
Strategic planner / strategist: Ekaterina Mutafchieva
Additional company: junior copywriter: Krista Yankova account manager: Lyubomir Kashilski account executive: Ivana Valcheva junior graphic designer: Filip Shopov stylist: Sandrela Kanaan


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